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How to Find a Perfect Lawyer for Your Business

July 8, 2023

Contribution from an author in the legal sector explaining how you can find the perfect lawyer for your business:- As a new business owner, you probably find yourself often wondering: What’s next? You are always trying to determine what your next step should be… Well, when you are considering who should be next in your list […]

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Importance of Writing a Will Whilst Owning a Business

January 16, 2023

As a business owner, you must be aware that’s it is inevitable you will need to leave your business one way or another. Whether it’s because you’ve retired, passed away, or are handing it down to an heir, there are special plans you should have in place for every eventuality. If you don’t have solid […]

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A Note on Contract Automation and Legal Technology

January 8, 2022

Editorial Note: This article originally appeared on and is the property of  Colin S. Levy is Manager, Contract Negotiations for Pearson Education. In-House Counsel as well as lawyers in general these days appear to fall into three groups when it comes to the use of technology. Not all groups are the same size, […]

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No Deal Brexit – How it Could Affect Your Business (Including Legal Insights)

September 12, 2019

With further uncertainty on the horizon regarding the UK’s departure from the EU, it remains extremely difficult to tell whether Brexit will be completed with or without a deal. With the focus of our media and politicians recently seeing a substantial shift towards “no deal”, it’s important to understand what this possible eventuality may mean […]

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Understanding UK Business Rates: A Guide

February 14, 2019

Business rates are charged on most commercial or non-domestic properties such as shops, offices, factories, pubs and even holiday home rentals. Just as you pay council tax on your home, businesses must also pay rates for their premises. Most businesses will be required to pay bills in ten equal payments throughout the year, just like […]

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The Increasing Demand for Compliance Management As We Step Into 2017

February 9, 2017

Contribution regarding compliance management (particularly from an Australian perspective). Increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory landscapes, rapid technology change, and global business environments are among the few factors that have been driving companies to become more focused on risk and compliance management in their businesses. In earlier times, compliance and risk management was considered burdensome. There […]

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David versus Goliath: fighting for your employment rights

October 28, 2013

Guest post regarding your employment rights. Sometimes, big companies and organisations just seem intimidatingly big. They loom up in front of you, with their vast corporate structures, challenging you to take them on. When they decide to turn their negative attentions to you, what can you do? You can feel very alone and completely helpless. […]

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India’s Companies Bill amendment to allow foreign mergers

September 2, 2013

(Feature post regarding India’s Companies Bill amendment) India’s parliament has passed a new corporate law which gives a welcome overhaul to the restrictive Companies Act of 1956, in an effort to stimulate the economy, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, improve governance and facilitate better business practice. The news is positive for organisations in the country, but the […]

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Starting Up a Business? A Guide to Picking Your First Lawyer

May 10, 2013

You’ve had a great idea, mentioned it to a few friends and family and now you’re ready to start work. Whether you are raising money, working with a business partner or already beginning to engage with clients you need to consider how to protect yourself legally. You know you need the best legal advice that […]

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The Famous Microsoft Monopoly Case

March 15, 2013

Guest post regarding the famous Microsoft monopoly case Microsoft Corporation dominated the Web browser market when it packaged its proprietary Internet Explorer browser with its own operating system, Windows. When customers bought Windows, they no longer had to download or buy other browsers, and competing brands lost market share. In 1998, the United States Supreme […]

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