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ELB Securities v Alan Love and Prestwick Hotels Limited – A Warning For Companies

October 8, 2015

In the appeal case of ELB Securities v Alan Love and Prestwick Hotels Limited, the owner of a hotel failed to overturn the decision of the court that its lease with a landlord ended on dissolution. The case will have significant implications for companies and company law. ELB Securities Limited was the owner of commercial […]

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What Does It Mean To Be Disqualified As Director Of A UK Company?

May 18, 2014

Being disqualified as director of a company can have a hugely negative effect on both your working life and your personal life, and the thought of going through the complex process alone can add a lot of unnecessary stress on top of an already bad situation. So, if you think you are at risk of […]

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Licence to Bill: Private Investigators will need papers before offering you their services

August 15, 2013

Anyone acting as a private detective will now have to hold a licence or cease doing business. The news comes following a recent announcement by Home Secretary Theresa May and it is thought the new laws will come into effect in England and Wales in the autumn of 2014. In a statement the Home Office […]

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Employer Disability Coverage & ERISA Law: Governance and Restrictions

August 7, 2013

A US law blog on some important insurance issues facing employees. Employer provided long-term disability coverage is considered a company benefit. Employers are not required to provide this type of insurance. In fact, most employees who have this type of insurance purchase it outside of their company. For those who do have long term disability […]

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10 of the best: commercial law blogs and news from last month

June 20, 2013

Below are ten of the best commercial law blogs and news posts from around the web posted in the last month:-   Is that it for ABSs? (Legal Futures) Legal Futures editor, Neil Rose, looks at the attempt of In-Deed Online to break into the ABS market. Is this particular example a harbinger of things […]

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Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: Ambush Marketers Beware

June 7, 2013

Just over a year from now in late July 2014 the Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow. In addition to being a revered sporting event attracting some of the best athletes in the world it is a highly valuable brand. The organisers and not least businesses of Glasgow will be eager to yield the fullest […]

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The Importance of Proper Coverage for Employees Driving on the Job

May 10, 2013

(US law and generally) Competitive threats are not the only threats that business owners face daily. The threat of litigation from strangers or employees is always present, coupled with the inherent risk of losing productive assets like vehicles or inventory. Businesses that employ drivers should ensure that they insure against civil suits from strangers, civil […]

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Can directors make an unfair dismissal claim?

November 15, 2012

Following on from Chris Hadrill’s post on the duties of directors at Direct 2 Lawyers we thought that it would be interesting to consider whether directors are employees or not for the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996 – effectively whether they’re entitled to bring a claim for unfair dismissal against their employer, the […]

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What are the requirements for the company’s registered office?

September 9, 2012

It is a requirement that an incorporated company must have a registered office address in the UK. This can be anywhere in England and Wales and must be capable of receiving documents sent to the company from Companies House. HMRC will also contact the company through this address. A company’s trading address does not need […]

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Why is the company secretarial role important?

July 26, 2012

The Company Secretary is responsible for the administration of a company. The role is important, primarily because, the secretary ensures the organisation complies with the relevant legislation and regulations put forward by the Companies Act 2006.  It is important to note that there is no requirement for a private company in the UK to have […]

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