What are the requirements for the company’s registered office?

by Elemental CoSec on September 9, 2012

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It is a requirement that an incorporated company must have a registered office address in the UK. This can be anywhere in England and Wales and must be capable of receiving documents sent to the company from Companies House. HMRC will also contact the company through this address.

A company’s trading address does not need to be the same as their registered office. It is quite common that businesses do not have a suitable UK address for this purpose, or that companies wish to keep their trading address private from the public register (for example if the business uses a home address). Therefore, companies may use a registered office provider to meet the requirements Companies Act 2006. This is a very useful way of ensuring company files are accurate and up to date so that late penalties can be avoided. PO Box numbers are not acceptable as a company’s registered office.

As the registered office is recorded at Companies House, it is visible on their website. The registered office must be displayed on the company’s website as well as all company letters and invoices to clients.

To change a registered address after incorporation, a company must notify Companies House. This is done by filling in an AD01 form from Companies House. If you require any advice or guidance regarding your company’s registered office, Elemental Cosec can provide you with expert advice and service as well as a central London registered office address.

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