Starting A Parcel Courier Business: Have You Considered All The Costs?

April 19, 2013

Starting a parcel delivery business is a fabulous idea. Moving packages and documents quickly and efficiently is something that businesses rely upon and many will rely upon couriers as a supplement to their business. Instead of expanding their own company and increased costs, they look for a service that will satisfy their needs. Potential Running […]

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Accident And Injury Claims: Is Your Business Protected?

February 3, 2013

More and more people are realizing their dreams every day in America by opening their own small business. Many of them historically fail within a few years, but with a dream and strong work ethic, the sky is literally the limit for business owners. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to consider the fact that they could […]

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How to Protect your Business from White Collar Crime

December 31, 2012

According to the National Public Survey on White Collar Crime, it costs society between $300 billion and $600 billion annually. From 2005 to 2007, reported victimization soared by 23 percent. Nearly a quarter of households reported that at least one member was a victim of a white-collar crime in 2010. Consumers are the most common […]

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Methods Of Dispute Resolution In Commercial Contracts

December 24, 2012

It is no longer uncommon for commercial contracts, especially construction contracts, to enter into a dispute by one or both parties before the contracted service is complete. Many people in the legal industry believe that this is a direct result of the current economic conditions in the country. All-too-often, construction projects are delayed or stopped […]

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Blowing The Whistle – Implications Of The False Claims Act On A Business

September 24, 2012

(U.S. Law and Generally) Fraud has always been a serious issue in the United States. There is always someone out there who will attempt to defraud any type of governmental program in an effort to turn a profit. To combat this the False Claims Act was passed in an effort to hold those who choose […]

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Ms B v. States Employment Board: Constructive Unfair Dismissal Linked To Personal Injury Claim

August 4, 2012

The case of Ms B v States Employment Board is not exactly widely known. Not only did it happen in the States of Jersey, a small island in the English Channel, but it seemed outwardly to only deal with a small and arcane aspect of English common law. However, this case, due to its status […]

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