Contract law

What should you do if a former employee damages your business?

December 15, 2012

The recent case of Imam-Sadaque v Bluebay Asset Management (Services) Ltd [2012] is a useful reminder to employers (if in fact they needed a reminder at all) that employees can be a problem for their businesses when the employment relationship terminates. The facts in Imam-Sadaque v Bluebay Asset Management (Services) Ltd Mr Imam-Sadaque (who joined […]

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Guide to privity of contract

July 19, 2012

Privity of contract is a legal doctrine which is the relationship of the parties who have signed a contract and are a party to the contract.  Only the parties which have entered the contract are required to have to perform duties and obligations due to the contract with each other. In addition, it is only […]

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Practical tips for negotiating a business contract

April 30, 2012

During the lifetime of your business, there will be a number of times where you will need to negotiate contracts; whether between you and your employees, you and your suppliers, you and your clients and/or you and other third parties. If you do not have a legal background, it is always advisable to seek professional, […]

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Samarenko: Failure to pay a deposit on time and termination of contract

December 8, 2011

Samarenko v Dawn Hill House Ltd [2011] EWCA civ 1445 (01 December 2011) WardblawG is pleased to welcome secured lending litigation solicitor and partner Mr Anis Waiz of Mohindra Maini LLP as he continues his critical review of current case law. This article regarding the Samarenko case was first published on leading case law resource, […]

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