Technology and Construction Court Disputes

March 30, 2013

The Technology and Construction Court (“TCC”) has been set up in order to deal with IT disputes that are normally extremely technical and therefore require a certain level of expertise and specialist knowledge. The Court forms part of the High Court Queen’s Bench Division, and has a broad jurisdiction, as it covers other types of […]

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Floating charges

January 16, 2013

What is a floating charge and why are they important  ? – Gannons Solicitors explain the basics. A floating charge is an interest over an asset that is not due or attached to the asset (yet). This is different from a fixed charge, which the floating charge becomes once it attaches to the asset. This […]

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Bizarre post connecting cost of living and life insurance

November 16, 2012

We happened to notice a news item today that caught our eye and which can be found here. Whilst not strictly a legal point, the report suggests firstly that the average British family would need £25,000.00 to break even. Based on our experience, we would respectfully suggest that it is almost impossible for a family […]

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Commercial litigation – specialist areas

September 22, 2012

There are some areas of law where it is rarely a good idea to instruct a generalist, and when we say generalist we mean a generalist in that area not a solicitor who deals with numerous areas of law, typical of sole practitioners. Non-lawyers will often lo0ok for a litigation solicitor or a civil litigation […]

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Is google destroying the commercial law SERPS ?

July 28, 2012

Many law firms have, perhaps belatedly, picked up on the importance of the internet, with many more noticeably getting active online, either on social media channels or via blogging and a greater input on the web generally. A lot of law firms still do not seem to fully appreciate however that it is one thing […]

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Employee return to work guide

July 22, 2012

Return to work interview There are several different reasons why an employee might be absent from work: illness, injury, parental leave, stress etc. The employer is under a duty to be in contact with an absent employee and make sure they receive the support needed. What is a return to work interview ? The interview […]

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Guide to privity of contract

July 19, 2012

Privity of contract is a legal doctrine which is the relationship of the parties who have signed a contract and are a party to the contract.  Only the parties which have entered the contract are required to have to perform duties and obligations due to the contract with each other. In addition, it is only […]

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What business needs to know about whistleblowing

May 14, 2012

We’ve no doubt all heard of it but what really is whistleblowing? Whistleblowing is quite simply when an employee, member of staff or worker informs the employer, someone in authority or even the public about dangerous or illegal activities taking place in the workplace. It could be either the employer or employees carrying out these […]

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Discount vouchers – too good to be true?

May 8, 2012

More and more customers are beginning to complain about breach of contract after purchasing deals on voucher site Groupon, after experiencing a lack of communication from deal issuers and a bad quality service (or in some instances, the paid for service never happening). A Guardian article outlines a case study of one man who purchased […]

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Practical tips for negotiating a business contract

April 30, 2012

During the lifetime of your business, there will be a number of times where you will need to negotiate contracts; whether between you and your employees, you and your suppliers, you and your clients and/or you and other third parties. If you do not have a legal background, it is always advisable to seek professional, […]

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