Bizarre post connecting cost of living and life insurance

by evolvedlegal on November 16, 2012

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We happened to notice a news item today that caught our eye and which can be found here.

Whilst not strictly a legal point, the report suggests firstly that the average British family would need £25,000.00 to break even. Based on our experience, we would respectfully suggest that it is almost impossible for a family with children to live with that level of income, especially in London.

Aside from that report, the news item seeks to link the cost of living to the need for life insurance.

Frankly, whilst life insurance is something which is worth having, especially with a young family and a mortgage, it is precisely the sort of cost, possibly ranging from £50.00 a month to a figure which is much higher, which would be outside of the reach of a family bringing in £25,000.00 a year.

A separate report, which makes a lot more sense to us, and can be found here, suggest, based on a survey, that some 30% of people mare now planning on working over the age of 65. This comes as no surprise, especially with life expectancy rising and living costs increasing also.

The other interesting point about this survey is the acknowledgment  of many of the older people surveyed foresee that the fact they may well work to a later age may cause a ripple effect problem with younger people continuing to find it difficult ti get onto and climb the work ladder.




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