What are your legal rights as an employee?

by Commercial Blawg on December 1, 2012

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Guest post regarding your legal rights as an employee.

When you enter into any kind of contract you are agreeing to take certain actions and behave in a certain way in order for a particular outcome to be achieved. An employment contract between a worker and an employer is no different and contains specific things that each side must do in order to abide by the agreement.

Although this means there are things that an employee can do that can lead to sanctions from the employer, including in a worst case scenario sacking someone, there are also rights that any employee will have to cover a range of situations.

Health and safety

Today most people know that if they are involved in an accident at work that isn’t their fault they may be entitled to make a claim for financial compensation where it results in injury or illness to them.

There are many Health and Safety rules and regulations that employees must ensure are in practice in the workplace and these are aimed at making a safe working environment for employees. If you suffer the results of such an accident and it happens in the course of your work it is possible that an insurance policy which will pay compensation will already be in place.

What to do if an accident happens

First of all you must get medical help for any obvious injuries for anyone concerned in the incident. In the worst cases prompt treatment can be a matter of life or death for someone.

Any injury caused by a workplace accident should be checked by a medical professional as quickly as possible to make sure that it is treated properly and also to make sure there is an official record made. This can be very important for any subsequent claim.

Report the accident

The details of the incident must be reported through official channels as soon as possible. Obviously in the direct aftermath of something happening it might not be the first thing on anyone’s mind, but as soon as it is practicable all the relevant details should be made clear to authorities or supervising persons.

Taking legal advice

Most people thankfully don’t need to use a lawyer at many times in their lives, and when they do it is often for happier things such as buying or selling a house.

So for something like a compensation claim it is difficult to know who to turn to for advice. Co-Op Legal Services offer a full range of experienced legal advice and knowledge gained from years of helping people in exactly these kinds of situations.

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