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Why does my business need a partnership agreement?

July 18, 2013

All friends together? Can you rely on mutual professional respect and even long term friendships to keep a business partnership on track and avoid the venture becoming mired in a spiral of confusion, disagreements and disintegrating relationships? It is certainly tempting to do so when, compared to setting up a limited company, the establishments of […]

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10 of the best: commercial law blogs and news from last month

June 20, 2013

Below are ten of the best commercial law blogs and news posts from around the web posted in the last month:-   Is that it for ABSs? (Legal Futures) Legal Futures editor, Neil Rose, looks at the attempt of In-Deed Online to break into the ABS market. Is this particular example a harbinger of things […]

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Payroll Tax Issues Threatening Your Business?

May 31, 2013

Payroll taxes fund Medicare and Social Security. It is the duty and responsibility of every employer to pay his fair share of taxes as well as taxes he has collected from employees. The IRS is less lenient for businesses than for individuals, even those businesses that are single proprietorship. They may give you up to […]

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How to Repair Your Business’ Credit Score

May 30, 2013

Being in personal credit card debt is a lot of trouble, and business debt can be even worse. As a business owner, you are responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly, but you are significantly decreasing that possibility when you rack up credit card debt. When your credit score is down, what can you […]

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Employee Favoritism: Can You Avoid Legal Backlash?

May 18, 2013

Companies use corporate team events to increase morale and facilitate an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. There are often variations of employee favoritism in team building, and something like being selected last for a sports team, or excluded from the event altogether, is an unpleasant, albeit […]

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The Importance of Proper Coverage for Employees Driving on the Job

May 10, 2013

(US law and generally) Competitive threats are not the only threats that business owners face daily. The threat of litigation from strangers or employees is always present, coupled with the inherent risk of losing productive assets like vehicles or inventory. Businesses that employ drivers should ensure that they insure against civil suits from strangers, civil […]

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DIY? Consultation? When to Hire a Business Lawyer

March 18, 2013

Business lawyers serve a lot of different needs relating to day to day business operations.  They also assist with big picture problems that corporations need help with.  They help with copyright issues, trademarks, taxes and employment matters. It should be no surprise that business lawyers can get a little pricey – especially if you have […]

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Business Legal Disputes You Should Watch Out For

March 10, 2013

The majority of business lawsuits could be prevented if businesses took proper precautions to develop legal contracts and defenses against legal issues. Most business professionals are focused on the business specifically and miss areas of potential legal dispute. Simply working with business attorneys can greatly diminish chances of lawsuits and enable businesses to develop strategies […]

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Debt Recovery During a Recession: Considerations for Business

February 14, 2013

Guest post from business lawyers regarding recovery debt during a recession. It will come as no surprise that debt recovery has become a bigger consideration for businesses during the recession. At times where businesses are cutting costs in an effort to increase turnover and manage cash flow, debt recovery has become a big part of […]

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The dangers of knowingly falsely accounting as a director of a company

February 12, 2013

The recent criminal prosecution of Waheed Luqman, reported here, demonstrates how careful those controlling a business must be to avoid knowingly submitting misleading statements as to their business’ finances. False accounting is a criminal offence under s.933 of the Companies Act 2006 and can result in a jail sentence of up to ten years. We’ll […]

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