Have You Got What It Takes to Work in Commercial Law?

by dburke on December 29, 2013

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Do you think that you’ve got what it takes to be a corporate lawyer? If you have strong writing skills and an analytical mind, you could be just what the legal firm ordered. Be sure that you’re sure prepared for work in this area; don’t go into it lightly, or you might be in for a nasty shock. Here’s what you have to get to grips with:

Know The Firms

Do your research on the law firms in your area; obviously the movers and shakers are in London. You can get to know the daily run of a legal company and better understand the different niches. The huge law firms in London are collectively known as the ‘magic circle’ (…your guess is as good as mine), but there are many law firms throughout the country that are also influential.


It doesn’t matter which degree you have under your belt, as long as you go to law school, you can become a commercial lawyer. Afterwards, you’ll have to take a Legal Practice Course, and you’ll be on the path to legal stardom. If you get a law firm to pay for your law school costs, funding shouldn’t be a problem.

Be Positive

Training contracts can be challenging to get your hands on, but if you didn’t come out with amazing grades, don’t worry – you can stand out in different ways, like by being a member of the law or debating society. Try your hardest to do well academically, and you’ll hit the jackpot.

Know the Lingo

Going into the legal sector will require a whole new vocabulary. In posher terms, that means you should have ‘commercial awareness.’ You’ll be expected to know the buzz words and have a well-rounded knowledge of current affairs from around the world. This means you’ll be in a better position to advise clients.

Two-Year Training Contract

Before you can become a junior associate, you will have to complete this training contract. During this time, you’ll be carted from one department to another, so you know the law firm inside-out. You may even have an opportunity to work in the company’s international offices. This is a great opportunity to understand your strengths, get to know everyone well, and learn more.


Remember that many law firms work in conjunction with charities and disadvantaged communities, offering legal advice. If you’re a sucker for a hopeless case, there will be plenty of opportunities to help others with their law problems.

The Good Stuff

13-hour days probably don’t sound very appealing, but there are plenty of perks to the job that you should focus on. Not only will you earn a decent salary through being a commercial law solicitor, but you can expect to travel to city offices all around the world, with all expenses paid. Pretty nice. You also get to advise some of the most important companies in the world.

Marketing Executive working on behalf of Vincent's Solicitors, focussing on a variety of legal disciplines, but in particular, commercial law.

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