Benefits of a Cyprus based International Business Company (IBC)

by theodion on May 10, 2012

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Cyprus International Business Companies (Cyprus IBCs) as most of you know are private limited companies with loads of shareholders. These shareholders are usually not the residents of the country and the operations that these companies carry out are also usually outside Cyprus. However, the company needs to be registered within the country. The main aim of Cyprus IBC is to provide certain sorts of commodities to businesses and customers in other countries. The range of these commodities is quite diversified.

There are certain important uses of the Cyprus IBC; firstly, the country is considered to be the one with a lot of tax incentives and holds an honored reputation amongst other tax incentive countries. Moreover, the business forms that usually operate are the ones offering limited liability. This gives an invite to investors who want to play safe in the investing game.  Private limited companies with the advantage of limited liability; Cyprus IBCs can also operate in a business form such as partnership. Also, it could be one of the branches of a registered company that operates in another country.

Cyprus IBCs are taxed on the profits they make in case they operate within Cyprus. However, in case they do not, there is no such compulsion for them. Hen Cyprus IBC as well as others shall submit their accounts to the Tax Authorities for the respective procedures. Cyprus IBCs do a lot of profitable business via the buying and selling of the shares of these IBCs.  Mostly because the dividends the shareholders receive from IBCs operating outside the country do not require the shareholder to pay any tax on the dividend received.

The types of Cyprus IBCs vary in the services they provide. Here’s a list of Cyprus IBCs, via which you can evaluate the kind of potential services Cyprus IBCs have to offer:

  1. Employment Companies
  2. Trading Companies
  3. Real Estate companies
  4. Royalty Companies
  5. Cyprus Resident Companies
  6. Cyprus non-resident companies.

The list may go on and on.  Cyprus IBCs are of great help to businesses and their operations. For example, such companies can help businesses to set up its structure. Moreover, these companies also guide businesses in the way they manage their corporation in Cyprus in the best possible way which also suits the firms these IBCs are helping. Also, because these IBCs are so experienced at helping a number of firms; they could provide you with expert advice that could be of great help. The counseling and the legal advice these Cyprus IBCs can provide cannot be seconded by other companies. Starting from the scratch i.e. registration of firms; the administration counseling; funds and other legal requirements. All as a complete package is dropped your way via Cyprus IBCs.

Hence, if you need any counseling regarding your firm, be it regarding its registration, funds, management or legal formalities, IBCs is the route to your destiny. They will surely make it a piece of cake and serve it to you with tea.

For more information on Cyprus International Business Companies and Cyprus corporate tax system its recommended to visit Oxford Management website, a 3 times award winning company by the Cyprus government in the last 5 years.

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