Be Sure to Stop at the Duty Free Shop

by JRO on October 31, 2013

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Duty Free Shops

For people traveling internationally, there can be a lot to take in. The sights of a new place, unfamiliar languages, and intriguing dining options. However, when travelers are making their way through the airport, they might want to consider making a stop at a duty free shop. For those that don’t know, most countries place a tax, or duty, on goods sold in the country, but, these duties are often waved for travelers in the country and there are specific shops where travelers can take advantage of these discounts.

Why stop?

Even if you are a little short on time during a trip, finding time to stop in a duty free shop can be greatly beneficial. Duty free shops can offer discounts of up to 50 percent on a wide range of popular items that people would likely want while traveling or just for day-to-day life. These items can make great souvenirs for yourself or gifts for family and friends. Duty free shops are also usually located directly in airports, so are conveniently accessible.

What can be purchased?

Duty free shops offer a wide range of products that vary from location to location, but the general types of items are fairly consistent. Tobacco products, luggage, jewelry, alcohol, perfume, makeup, and even electronics can be purchased depending on where the shop is located. Also, the brands are not in any way cheap; quality names such as Johnny Walker, Estee Lauder, Hugo Boss, and many others make their products available in these unique shops.


Even though the products that are being offered at duty free shops are heavily discounted, there is no sacrifice in quality. The items that can be purchased at these shops are the exact same products that would be purchased for higher prices elsewhere. For instance, if you buy a bottle of scotch at a duty free shop, it would be the exact same bottle you would pay more for elsewhere. That is because the savings are on taxes and fees, not the product itself.

What to know

The prices at duty free shops are often a pretty good deal, but shoppers should do some research on product prices before making their purchases. With some simple research, shoppers can make more informed decisions on their purchases and maximize their value and savings. Typically, tobacco products offer some of the largest percentage discounts, whereas jewelry items may offer the most value in terms of dollar amount saved.

If you do make a purchase at a duty free shop, make sure to contact the customs agencies in your destination to see what their specific policies on the items are. Also, do some research to see what the limits are on transporting goods purchased into other countries.

Wrap up

Even though traveling out of the country is all about the experience, there are certain items that can make your experience more enjoyable. So even though you may be eager to get out and go see the sights and take in some culture, don’t forget to stop by a duty free shop and see what items are available.


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