The Best States for Those in Search of Construction Work

by JRO on January 11, 2014

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If you are a construction professional who is currently living or working in an area where the real estate industry is still recovering from the failing economy, consistent work may be difficult to come by. However, the states below are all seeing a spike in construction projects.

New York

New York, particularly western New York around the Buffalo Niagara region, is experiencing a huge surge in commercial real estate development and large-scale residential development. This has increased the need for experienced carpenters, bricklayers, sheet-metal workers, crane operators, day laborers, and full construction crews. This surge has many construction workers traveling from around the nation to work in the booming construction market in New York.


Another state that has a booming construction market is Texas. Real estate in many parts of Texas is far more affordable than in many parts of the country, prompting many families to move to Texas to purchase a larger home for their money. Texas is also a popular destination for corporations that are expanding their operations and looking for a location in the southern part of the country. While the construction field is booming in Texas, construction workers moving to the state for employment opportunities should keep in mind that they will be in competition with the state’s large number of under-the-table construction professionals from other countries.


From July 2012 to July 2013 the construction industry in Wyoming grew 17 percent. This is an impressive amount of growth, and areas like Cheyenne, Wyoming, are experiencing a shortage of qualified construction professionals. The growth that the Wyoming construction industry is experiencing is directly connected to Wyoming being one of the states that is recovering the fastest from the recession.


Another state that is bouncing back quickly from the recession is Arizona. During the recession, many of Arizona’s construction workers moved out of state to areas where construction was more in demand. Now that the real estate market has picked up again, there is a shortage of construction professionals. Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the areas that is most in need of construction professionals.


Colorado has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and their projected statewide job growth is expected to be 2.6 percent over the next few years. With these positive numbers, Colorado residents and businesses are less hesitant to build than residents and businesses in states that are still recovering from the recession. Furthermore, Colorado is a state that is well respected for its green building practices.

Any State Rebuilding After a Natural Disaster

With the increase in hurricanes and tornadoes around the country, many cities have been left in ruins and need to be rebuilt. Directly after a natural disaster, there is a sense of urgency around rebuilding primary areas of a city. However, cleanup and construction can take months and even years to complete. This means construction workers are in high demand. There will of course be areas that have a more difficult time paying for the expense of rebuilding a city, but there are many areas that have the resources to rebuild.

Whether you travel to these states for short-term work or long-term work, they all have above average opportunities for construction professionals.


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