The Many Benefits of Commercial Mediation

by PaulReflect on November 12, 2013

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Whether it’s in their family and personal lives or their professional time, it’s fair to say that most people have or will fall into a dispute at some point in their lives.

Whilst many people, especially now, might immediately call in their legal team and allow them to deal with it, there is another way which could save expensive legal fees and lead to more positive long term solutions; and that is in commercial mediation.

Mediation allows both parties to talk through their differences in a controlled situation with a highly trained mediator and come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.

There are many benefits to using services such as Lamport Bassitt commercial mediation whatever the situation or circumstances.


Although many solicitors tailor their costs to their clients’ needs and geographical area, their expertise and experience never comes for free and with legal aid being phased from various areas of law, even a small case or matter can prove to be extremely costly. Court and administrative costs on top of this can mean that the cost of litigation can be too much for many people. In comparison commercial mediation services are extremely cost effective.


Recent figures released by the Ministry of Justice confirm that the number of cases being heard in the family courts have increased significantly. As such, families waiting to have their matters and disputes heard in court can face lengthy waits, which when locked in particularly bitter matters can be extremely unfortunate. Similar waiting times apply to other areas of the civil courts and as such those people who opt to go straight to court to settle disputes and arguments might face lengthy waits as the animosity is allowed to fester and grow.

However, the waiting times for mediation services can be significantly less, with a much greater chance of coming to a peaceful agreement in a shorter time.

Long Term Relationships

It’s fair to say that once a matter, whether it is a family, workplace or civil dispute, has been dragged through the court system and both parties have had their opinion aired publicly the relations between them are likely to be strained, to say the very least. Even in amicable divorce matters where the couple wish to separate citing unreasonable differences, their various grievances must be noted and used as evidence to support their petition for divorce. This can cause a great rift between them, even if none existed in the first place.

However, using mediation services to discuss matters rather than “mud-sling” means that both parties have their chance to air their grievances in a slightly more dignified fashion and also means that the chances of them salvaging something of a relationship once proceedings have been settled are far more likely.

Whether the matter at hand is a family matter, a workplace disagreement, a dispute between neighbours or a matter between business and client, using commercial mediation rather than simply heading straight to court means that there is the chance of saving any goodwill between the two parties.



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